Contact - r9jackson
I am a photographer with more than twenty years of experience in the photographic arts, I started out in the film era developing my own black and white and color slides in a home darkroom in Tempe, Arizona. My nature and fine art images reflect my travels throughout the American Southwest with extensive photo excursions in Arizona, New Mexico and California. My Color images capture the brilliant greens and blues of nature, while my black and white images feature strong contrast utilizing variations of the zone system to present tack-sharp subjects starting in the camera. Many of my black and white collections are finished in a palladium tint that harkens back to the golden years of photography. I am a member of the WHAM Art Association, West Valley Arts Council and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. My photography is influenced by teaching photographers Bob and Dawn Davis, Scott Kelby, David Ziser, David Muench (and Arizona Highways) and, naturally, Ansel Adams. My art is influenced by Diane Lesser, John Derry, Karen Sperling and Jerry Yarnell. My formal education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology  and a Master of Arts degree in Public Administration. With a career steeped in technology, I utilize many technologies and techniques to bring my own creative touch to the images captured with my camera and the art I create from those images. My studio and office is in Surprise, Arizona.
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